New Documentation for Dash Mantine Components

Hi everyone,

Been working on the documentation for my plotly dash component library: Dash Mantine Components for quite some time now and its finally come to its final form at: Entire website is created using the DMC itself.

Dash Mantine Components is a library of 70+ dash components based on Mantine React Library. DMC supports dark theme natively across all components and includes never before available components such as Notification, SegmentedControl, etc.

GitHub Repo: GitHub - snehilvj/dash-mantine-components: Plotly Dash components based on Mantine React Components
Discord Community: Dash Mantine Components

Give your dash apps an upgrade with Dash Mantine Components!


Looks great @snehilvj Great job. I really like the side bar with the components broken down into categories.


Looks great. Thanks for all the hard work. Really is an awesome package. Been looking out for that SegmenetedControl Component :+1: :+1: