Setting Zoom Levels

Is there a way to control zoom levels? That is, if I mouse wheel up and zoom in, can I set the factor in which the data is re-laid out? Think of it like zooming into a map, as you get closer, more and more details are put into view. This is because at certain thresholds, the data is re-tiled. I want to do the same thing. If I am looking at a line plot of potentially millions of points. As I zoom in, it goes from a line plot to an area plot above the line plot. Zoom in even further and then the markers themselves are plotted.

Is this kind of think possible with Plotly’s API?

You can try something like

I figured I could hack it by capturing zoom events, then by adding conditionals to the delta x, I could then make certain tracks visible. Your post kind of does that, albeit a bit more subtle than what I envision. Thank you though.