While updating graph with new data points, i want to keep my zooming

Im having a graph with few traces and im using Plotyl.restyle to add data points every few seconds to a trace.

I want it to happen in a back graound so that i can interact with the graph in the mean time…

for eg i want to zoom and look at a trace while its updating…
But when the graph draws a point it take the graph back to the original positional (destroying the zoom i have done)

Is there any thing im missing…


Could you share a code snippet?

The zoom level shouldn’t be updated while adding data to a graph (try in out here: http://codepen.io/etpinard/pen/EKOMOV)

While this is true for drag-to-zoom operations, it doesn’t work well with scroll-to-zoom

Consider checking this https://codepen.io/secretwpn/pen/KLWOKm?editors=1010#0

Just try to use the mouse scroll to zoom the plot.

This is a bit of a blocker for one of my projects so any help will be greatly appreciated!