Is zoom-to-mouse-location possible in plotly 3D plots?

In Plotly 3D plots (e.g., made using graph_objects.Scatter3d()), is it possible to adjust the zoom settings such that the position of the mouse controls the direction in which zooming occurs upon scrolling? This is in contrast to what I’ve observed so far, which is that zooming occurs along a vector anchored to the origin/focal point. It appears that the location of the focal point can be changed by resetting the camera center parameter, but this requires that the plot be re-rendered each time. It seems like this functionality should be possible without re-rendering, as, after translating the plot in the “panning” mode, the vector along which zooming occurs appears to be anchored to a new focal point (i.e., zooming after panning does not result in the viewer getting closer to the original origin/focal point).

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Hello rscollar,

I’m new to Plotly. Loving it so far. But I was also looking for this particular feature. Did you manage to find a solution? Or can this be a new feature to be requested?

Hey @jones.pbvr, I unfortunately wasn’t able to resolve this — seems like it’d need to be a feature request, or perhaps someone else would need to dig a bit deeper!

Thank your for the quick response. I think this should be a future feature (if it’s not already there). Most softwares have this feature. Requesting plotly developers to add this feature too.

Nevertheless, I’ve got to say that plotly is awesome!