Setting Width of Bar Graphs

How do I fix the width of a bar graph?

I trying to am overlap a scatter plot and a bar graph (x axis are date values). Strangely enough, the size of the bar isn’t based only on the range of the x axis. When I have only one bar value, depending on the x axis range, it will either be very thin or just not visible (exists if you zoom 5+ times). As the number of bars get larger, the width of the bars also get larger until there are too many bars and it gets smaller again. I guess I simply don’t understand why the single bars are so tiny and how adding another bar to the same data set makes the width of both much larger. Its also weird that I sometimes get results where the bars are wider for larger timeline ranges.

I am plotting objects in the xaxis, however, plotly seems to automatically attach a time so maybe that is also causing the error. The width of bars go from spanning 8 milliseconds to weeks. I have attached examples below: