Setting a min dtick


I have a trace that normally contain values that vary very little, but in some conditions the values will increase greatly.

For example:

11.94, 12.06, 12.12, 121.57

My intention is to limit the dtick to have a minimum value to prevent the dynamic dtick to be very little (during times with little to no variation in the data), but maintain the dynamic functionality to rearrange the axis with a different (higher) dtick when the special values are present

Currently I’m using the “dtick” option set to a discrete value and that works fine in the first case but once there is a spetial value the axis labels become unreadable

I’ve setup the following fiddle to represent this issue:

Is there another option that I’m missing that can help me with this use case? I’ve found about “tickformatstops” but i’m not sure if it applies in this case

Any help is apreciated,