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Dtick for date type axis

Hello everyone,

I am stuck with setting the interval between ticks for the axis having type of ‘date’.I want to manually set the time difference between two ticks on the axis.What is the configuration i need to pass in layout option to do so.

Scenario is I have x-axis with date type and i want ticks to be made every 15days.

One more question comes into mind,How I would pass value when time difference is in hours or minutes or second.

If any one could help?


For example, to set the interval between ticks to one day, set dtick to 86400000.0. “date” also has special values “M” gives ticks spaced by a number of months. n must be a positive integer. To set ticks on the 15th of every third month, set tick0 to “2000-01-15” and dtick to “M3”. To set ticks every 4 years, set dtick to “M48”

Unfortunately, per-day dtick values are not supported at the moment.

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What dtick would you use for weekly on Friday? Would that be tick0 set to 2000-01-07 and dtick set to 86400000.0 * 7 = 604800000.0?