Set start position for ticker

I have a bar chart and I would like to modify at what number does the y-axis starts.

I know I’m using plotly.graph_objs library but I didn’t found the doc about that so I tried to use the same thing one can find in the plotlyexpress doc. I tried to use figure.update_yaxes(tick0=0.7, showticklabels=False):

    import dash_core_components as dcc
    import dash_html_components as html
    from dash.dependencies import Input, Output
    import plotly.graph_objs as go
    import pandas as pd
    from os.path import abspath, dirname, join
    from server import app
    import numpy as np

    traces = []
    for i in range(len(dfc)):
        if not np.isnan(dfc.iloc[i].values[0]):
            trace = go.Bar(x=[dfc.iloc[i].name], y=[dfc.iloc[i].values[0]], name=df.iloc[i].name)
            # trace_perceived = go.Bar(x=[dfc.iloc[i].values[0]], y=[-dfc.iloc[i].values[1]], name='Perceived')
            # traces.append(trace_perceived)
        'data': traces,
            go.Layout(title='Score de similarité des descriptions avec leurs commentaires', barmode='stack')

    figure.update_yaxes(tick0=0.7, showticklabels=False)

    return figure

Yet it returns:

 * Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit) - - [22/Dec/2020 11:33:18] "←[37mGET / HTTP/1.1←[0m" 200 - - - [22/Dec/2020 11:33:19] "←[37mGET /_dash-layout HTTP/1.1←[0m" 200 - - - [22/Dec/2020 11:33:19] "←[37mGET /_dash-dependencies HTTP/1.1←[0m" 200 - - - [22/Dec/2020 11:33:20] "←[37mPOST /_dash-update-component HTTP/1.1←[0m" 200 -
Exception on /_dash-update-component [POST]
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\antoi\PycharmProjects\Bass\venv\lib\site-packages\flask\", line 2447, in wsgi_app
    response = self.full_dispatch_request()
  File "C:\Users\antoi\PycharmProjects\Bass\venv\lib\site-packages\flask\", line 1952, in full_dispatch_request
    rv = self.handle_user_exception(e)
  File "C:\Users\antoi\PycharmProjects\Bass\venv\lib\site-packages\flask\", line 1821, in handle_user_exception
    reraise(exc_type, exc_value, tb)
  File "C:\Users\antoi\PycharmProjects\Bass\venv\lib\site-packages\flask\", line 39, in reraise
    raise value
  File "C:\Users\antoi\PycharmProjects\Bass\venv\lib\site-packages\flask\", line 1950, in full_dispatch_request
    rv = self.dispatch_request()
  File "C:\Users\antoi\PycharmProjects\Bass\venv\lib\site-packages\flask\", line 1936, in dispatch_request
    return self.view_functions[rule.endpoint](**req.view_args)
  File "C:\Users\antoi\PycharmProjects\Bass\venv\lib\site-packages\dash\", line 1076, in dispatch
    response.set_data(func(*args, outputs_list=outputs_list))
  File "C:\Users\antoi\PycharmProjects\Bass\venv\lib\site-packages\dash\", line 1007, in add_context
    output_value = func(*args, **kwargs)  # %% callback invoked %%
  File "C:\Users\antoi\PycharmProjects\Bass\pages\", line 67, in update_graph
    figure.update_yaxes(tick0=0.7, showticklabels=False)
AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'update_yaxes' - - [22/Dec/2020 11:33:20] "←[35m←[1mPOST /_dash-update-component HTTP/1.1←[0m" 500 -