Plotly dash graphs


My plotly graphs start at an axis (-1,1) even though the data starts at 0 and is always positive. Can someone help me in adjusting the axis to start from (0,0)

Here is my code:
fig5 =,x=‘Stage’,y=‘Count’,template=“plotly_dark”,color=‘Stage’,title=“Status of Release Requests Raised”,color_discrete_sequence=color_discrete_sequence)
fig5.update_xaxes(showticklabels=False, visible=False)

You can use
fig5.update_yaxes(range=[0, 1])

to force the y-axis values to start from zero.

Great that helps! But any idea how to keep the upper limit fluid than restricting at 1?

Just calculate the max value for the y-axis and return that as your max range?

okay will do

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