Searchable DD menu inside data Table

I am using a Cell editor in a column like below columnDefs = [ { field: ‘name’, width: 300, editable: true, cellEditor: ‘agSelectCellEditor’, cellEditorParams: { values: [ ‘Bob’, ‘Harry’, ‘Sally’, }] Here the cell editor has only 3 values.What if there are 100 values.Is it possible to implement a search field in the dropdown.If so how? Thanks.
Reference function:

def create_dd_elements_in_table(list_elements):

            "checkboxSelection": False,
            "cellEditor": "agSelectCellEditor",
            "cellEditorParams": {
                "values": list_elements,

    return dd_items_ag_grid

I don’t think that would be possible in the built-in agSelectCellEditor because it is a basic html Select. However you could use a custom component. Here’s and example using dmc.Select. You could also do something similar with dcc.Dropdown.