Copy selected value in Dropdown inside Dash Editable Datatable?

Hi All,
I have an editable dropdown inside an editable datatable.
If I want to copy the value selected in the dropdown field:

  • I should double-click on the corner of the cell so that the cell value gets selected. Press Ctrl+C to copy the dropdown value. Press Enter to navigate outside the cell, move to the target cell and Ctrl+V to paste the value.
  • If I just simply click anywhere inside the dropdown cell, the dropdown menu opens. And pressing Ctrl+C does not copy the dropdown value.

Is there an easier way to make this user-friendly?

@AnnMarieW can you please check this? any leads/workaround will be very helpful.

Hi @adamschroeder Can you please have a look?

HI @anuj_tiwari
I don’t think this is possible. Maybe another community member would know how to created a workaround for this.