Making Custom functionality with Dash

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Issues to be solved:

  1. Save input text in Input field inside Dash Editable Datatable without pressing ‘Enter’ key:
    Input fields in a datatable can be edited in the following two manners:

a. Click on the input cell -

Clicking on the input cell and typing the new value, overwrites the previous value. Simply moving outside of this cell using ‘Enter’ / arrow keys / mouse click, saves the new value provided.

b. Double-click on the input cell -

Double-click the input cell and the previous value can be modified by moving the cursor to the desired location using arrow keys and typing the new value. User must press ‘Enter’ key to save the new value provided. Instead, if the user simply clicks outside of this cell, the new value provided is not saved and the previous value is visible.

We need to solve issue ‘b’.

I have an editable dropdown inside an editable datatable.
If I want to copy the value selected in the dropdown field:

  • I should double-click on the corner of the cell so that the cell value gets selected. Press Ctrl+C to copy the dropdown value. Press Enter to navigate outside the cell, move to the target cell and Ctrl+V to paste the value.
  • If I just simply click anywhere inside the dropdown cell, the dropdown menu opens. And pressing Ctrl+C does not copy the dropdown value.

Is there an easier way to make this user-friendly?

  1. There are other issues as well but we want to start with above issues first.

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