Incorporating multi-select dropdown in datatable


I am trying to incorporate a multi-select dropdown in my datatable, but the functionality doesn’t seem to be working. I have the following code.

‘Col1’: {
‘options’: [
{‘label’: i,‘value’: i}
for i in reference_table[‘Col1’]]
‘Col2’: {
‘options’: [
{‘label’: i,‘value’: i}
for i in reference_table[‘Col2’]],

Does dropdown field, inside the data table object accept multi:True? It works when I use dcc.dropdown but it doesn’t work inside data table?

Any help is much appreciated!

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Hello guys,

trying to implement this as I have conditional dropdowns in last column of datatable (DataTable with Per-Row Dropdowns @Dropdowns Inside DataTable | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly) in which I want to allow multiple selections.

‘multi’: True in dropdown_conditional still doesn’t work. Any workarounds?


Hello @aboh,

I don’t think this is possible with datatable, but have you checked out AG Grid?

You can add your own custom components, including multi select.

Hi @jinnyzor,

thanks for your suggestion. Do you have any examples of how to implement this?

I tried the following but no luck:

            "headerName": "Select Editor",
            "field": "cities",
            "cellEditor": "agSelectCellEditor",
            "cellEditorParams": {
                "values": ["New York", "London", "Boston", "Manchester"],
            "multi": True

Sure, I dont know if you can do it in the default select from the grid, but you can check a custom:

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Thanks @jinnyzor, this works like a charm. However, I’d also like to have different dropdown options based on value in another column in the same row? Using DataTable this could be done with dropdown_conditional argument and “filter_query”.

For AG grid I found this - angular6 - How to load different options in AG-Grid select dropdown ,based on other cell value in the same row with Angular 6? - Stack Overflow. I tried to adapt it for use in Python but just can’t make it work. Do you have any examples or ideas?

You should check out the docs for conditional drop downs.

But yes, inside the function you can perform a switch as to which dropdowns you want to use based upon the[column] of the column that drives the options.