Scatter3d with depth indication?

I love the 3d graphs but what I can’t find is a possibility to render the markers in some sort of way so that it is clear for an observere where a point is located at in 3d space.

Right now all markers are flat, have the same size and have no effect of depth whatsoever.
So at the moment the only way to get a feeling of depth is to rotate the graph so only while moving the graph left/right/left/right the brain creates an understanding of depth.

But I would prefer the markers to be cubes with little shading and smaller size when further way of camera for example. This way you see the depth of a marker at once.

Is there anything I can set/do ?

Right now I have this config

    type = 'scatter3d';
    x: number[] = [0];
    y: number[] = [0];
    z: number[] = [0];
    mode = 'markers';
    marker = {
        color: 'rgb(1,87,155)',
        size: 2,
        symbol: 'square',
        opacity: 0.8

I’m using plotly in javascript by the way. but I hope that doesn’t matter.

Example that I’d like to achieve…