3D marker for scatter3d?

Is it possible to have/create a 3d marker e.g. a cube, for scatter3D? The use-case is to create a plot with a similar look and feel to a volume plot but without the over head of creating the entire volume (which seems to be very demanding of my computer resources).

I am looking for the same feature with a lightly different purpose:
I need cubes (with a fixed (absolute) length) that fill the space to have a cell grid.
Creating lots of surface cubes (via parametrization) is inefficient.
A marker3d option for scatter3d with relative or fixed marker size would be really awesome

marker3d types could be

  • sphere (length)
  • cube (length + orientation)
  • some kind of pyramid (more lengths + orientation)

But maybe having these objects as scatter3d objects is the wrong approach.
Maybe someone has some feedback how to realize the positioning of 1000 cubes with fixed length in a 3d plot