Scatter Geo, change map

I’d like to do something like this example number 3 (Bubble Map with go.Scattergeo, United States Bubble Map). The problem is, I’m supposed to do it with a map of Italy. How can I do that?

Hi @Francesco.mttl,

To get the Italy map, set lataxis_range, lonaxis_range for Italy. This is a minimal code for a Scattergeo
that defines only the position of Milano:

fig = go.Figure()
                    lon = [9.189510],             
                    lat = [45.4642715],
                    text = 'Milano',
                    marker_size=8 ))
fig.update_layout(width = 675, height=900,
        title_text = 'Your title',title_x=0.5,
        showlegend = True,
        geo = dict(
            scope = 'europe',
            resolution = 50,
            lonaxis_range= [ 6.6, 18.4 ],
            lataxis_range= [35.47, 47.25],
            landcolor = 'rgb(217, 217, 217)',

You can tune the width and height of the plot to get the desired size of the map.

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thank you, if I want to upload a geojson map how can I do that?


Here is the code for reading the geojson file for Italy regions and plotting the corresponding map.
For other Italy’s geojson files see

import json
import urllib.request
import numpy as np
import plotly.graph_objects as go

#Load and read the geojson file for Italys regions. 

italy_url = ""
with urllib.request.urlopen(italy_url) as url:
        jdata = json.loads(
pts = []#list of points defining boundaries of polygons
for  feature in jdata['features']:
    if feature['geometry']['type'] == 'Polygon':
        pts.append([None, None])#mark the end of a polygon   
    elif feature['geometry']['type'] == 'MultiPolygon':
        for polyg in feature['geometry']['coordinates']:
            pts.append([None, None])#end of polygon
    elif feature['geometry']['type'] == 'LineString': 
        points.append([None, None])
    else: pass           
    #else: raise ValueError("geometry type irrelevant for map")
x, y = zip(*pts)    

fig = go.Figure()
fig.add_scatter(x=x, y=y, mode='lines', line_color='#999999', line_width=1.5)
fig.update_layout(width=600,  height=800)

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Thank you. You’ve been very helpful.
Let me add one thing, is it possible at this point to color the regions with different colors according to a set of variables?


What you want to plot is called choropleth map, i.e. you can map each characteristic value for a region to a colorscale and color that region with the corresponding color.

Plotly provides the class go.Choroplethmapbox, for wich the basemap is a mapbox map. Here is how it works

But if you want to fill with a color each region defined by the code above, then this example could be useful. You can skip the part that converts a shapefile to a geojson, because your map data are already in geojson format.

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