Geoscatter plot on plotly with a shape file

I need to plot Italy’s map with points on it, using plotly and dash libraries. Actually, I’ve done that using go.scattergeo. But it does not show the borders of provinces. (Generally the quality of map is less than shape file that I have)

I also succeed to plot shape file with scatter points in matplotlib. But I have to plot it in plotly to use in my dashboard.

Is there any way to have a scatter plot with a shape file in plotly?

To have Ideas what’s the target I post the photos: This is my dash:

This is shape file with scatter plots on matplotlib:

scattergeo only has the following scopes: world, usa, europe, asia, africa, north america, south america

What you want to achieve can be done with scatter_mapbox: Mapbox map layers in Python

What does the shape file look like?

I am pretty sure, you took a look into this already!?

Hey @Cna ,

I don’t work with shape files but if you can convert it to geojson you can plot it with scatter points. take a look at this website. You can export data as geojson, gpx, kml etc.

I produced above plot with scatter points.

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