Display Shapefile without the use of Mapbox or any other Premium service?

So, I have got a shapefile which is in a GeoDataframe. I can convert it to long/lat if I need to but what I really want to do is to display that shapefile on a map with out the use of any other external services like Mapbox.

I have seen several examples of people turning a GeoDataframe into a nice Plotly map but all of them rely on Mapbox services.

How can I display my custome Shapefile in Plotly?


Hi @smallpedding

Welcome to Plotly forum. Here is a choropleth from shapefile (not a mapbox choropleth): https://plot.ly/~empet/15049,
and this https://plot.ly/~empet/15354/plotly-choropleth-from-shapefiles/#/ is the corresponding notebook I removed from plotly cloud a while ago, because I thought people is interested in mapbox choropleth, since its definition is straightforward. I reposted it again today.