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How to create a map with a custom shapefile

Is there a way to render an interactive map built using a custom shapefile, for example by using geopandas to load the shapefile? Or perhaps using a custom mapserver?

A simple example of what I am trying to achieve is a more detailed choropleth map of an area of interest, such as the UK, or maybe a more specific area e.g. think of a windfarm area or an oil and gas field, which could be onshore or offshore.

My server is offline so for rendering more detailed charts or using custom shapefiles, I can’t render with Mapbox (and probably like many I can’t afford the fee for Mapbox Atlas Server). Therefore, an alternative might be to set up a map server and provide e.g. a geojson to Plotly to render (perhaps trick it in to thinking it is mapbox…).

Anyone already explored these ideas before and able to shed some light / sucesss stories / stories of doom? :slight_smile:

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If you just need something like a choropleth map, a custom tile server might be overkill. You could simply draw the polygons (to get area polygons, natural earth is a good place to start). If you need a lot of details, a custom tile server would be the way to go. I can recommend Terracotta,