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Creating US Bubble with State Locations

The Plotly JS Bubble Map for Europe uses this code to place bubbles on the European Map:

var data = [{
    type: 'scattergeo',
    mode: 'markers',
    locations: ['FRA', 'DEU', 'RUS', 'ESP'],
    marker: {
    name: 'europe data'

var layout = {
    'geo': {
        'scope': 'europe',
        'resolution': 50

Notice the way the countries are named: ‘FRA’, ‘DEU’, ‘RUS’, ‘ESP’.

My problem is that I can change the scope to be ‘usa’, and I get a great looking map of the USA. But I cannot change the location data to have a bubble appear on any state…

I have tried ‘CA’, Ca’, CAL’, ‘Ca’, ‘California’, ‘CALIFORNIA’.

Does anyone know the correct values I should be using to be able to build a bubble map?

Any help is greatly appreciated.