Scatter 3d marker line width only affects to legend


When plotting a scatter3d with Plotly.newPlot(…) for different: (i) trace opacity, (ii) marker size and (iii) marker line width configurations, for the marker line width option, line widths are only modified at the legend, not in the plot itself. The rest works well.

I have to note that when marker line width is 0, lines are not plotted, but there is no difference between 1 and other values (differences arise just in the legend). I have checked that dictionary values bring the correct numbers to the trace.

Function that I am using to create traces (that will be appended to an array of traces) is:

    function createDataTrace(x, y, z, name, color, symbol, plotConfig) {
    let trace = {
        x: x,
        y: y,
        z: z,
        name: name,
        type: 'scatter3d',
        mode: 'markers',
        marker: {
            color: color,
            symbol: symbol,
            size: plotConfig['markerSize'],
            line: {
                color: 'rgb(0, 0, 0)',
                width: plotConfig['markerLineWidth']
        opacity: plotConfig['markerOpacity'],

    return trace;

Any idea? Thank you beforehand.

Update: I have posted all the code at
and a one of the datasets I am using can be downloaded from:

Is plotConfig['markerLineWidth'] an array?

No, it is a number. Actually I fixed it to a number inside the function and the the behaviour was the same.

I have discovered that with a computer with Ubuntu 18.04 (in my own browsers and in codepen platform) works well, but the same in Windows 10 computers, where I faced the error, fails (in both browsers and codepen).

Hope this can help to find the answer. Thank you.