[Sankey] How do I handle cases where there are significantly more outputs than inputs on a node?

I’m trying to create a Sankey diagram of a production flow. At the beginning items are being produced in batches, so only the batches are being tracked. At several points the batches are cut, so on these nodes you’ll end up with significantly more outputs than inputs.

Ideally I would like the input links to the nodes to scale up in size so they match the entire height of the node. Right now they are scaled one to one per item, so the input link are barely visible.

Of course a solution would be to scale the number of input items. But then the information shown on the label when hovering will be wrong.

For example. Node B2 has 10x more outputs than inputs. What I would like is for nodes A1 and A2 to scale in size so that the input links are the same size as the outputs.


Now that I’m thinking about it a bit more. I think i can solve this by scaling the link values and using custom hover labels to display the real values. I think I’m gonna try that. Unless someone has a better idea.