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Sankey diagram in Python: Avoid scaling of nodes for better comparison to other snakey diagrams

Hi Community,

I am using plotly with python to generate sankey diagrams of energy systems, with the following code https://plot.ly/python/sankey-diagram/. It seems that the nodes are scaled to the height of the plotting frame. This is inconvenient for comparison to other sankey diagrams. Is there a way to avoid this kind of scaling such that one can compare nodes from different sankey diagrams just by observing the nodal size and not the absolute values. Here is an example of one of mine sankeys: https://plot.ly/~smailk/233/energy-twh-rcp26-2100-weak/. Clearly, the diagram is scaled to fit to most right side to the height of the plotting frame.


The ~ link is not working.

I struggle with the same issue so I have submitted the issue. https://github.com/plotly/plotly.js/issues/4847