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Russian translation

I am implementing Russian language into my charts which work fine with other languages. I am using russian resource js file. Here is some of my code:

            moduleType: 'locale',
            name: 'ru',
            format: defineCustomLocale('ru')

function defineCustomLocale (name) {
var format;
switch (name) {
case ‘ru’:
format = {
date: “%d/%m/%Y”,
decimal: “,”,
thousands: " ",
year: “%Y”,
month: “%b %Y”,
dayMonth: “%-d %b”,
dayMonthYear: “%-d %b %Y”
return format;

What I see on the screen is this:

But what should have been for month name is this:


Any idea why it is not translating?


Anybody? Please help. Why it’s been so quiet in here?