Running plotly offline on web server side

Hello - I’m trying to understand if my approach is correct.
My end goal is to have a line graph displaying accumulated data from an sql database on a web page, updating periodically on the html page (no reload). Also, I want to have plotly.js offline.

so my thinking was:
I’ll have a node based webserver that will read my public/index.html.
The node will also have to get periodic requests from index.html, query the database with sqlite3 and return the results through, again.
index.html will have a periodic setinterval() that will emit the calls to the node, and an element that gets updated with the data returning from the node.
That all works.

Note - Also, separately, I managed to have a stand alone html with javascript, using script src="./plotly-latest.min.js" and plotting a graph from data I read from a file.

So, I wanted to add the graphing part to public/index.html, and use the plotting logic on receiving the data from the node, but script src="./plotly-latest.min.js" is not loading with this scheme.
I tried having the script in the node dir, and in public under it.

any ideas? am I in the right direction?

Please delete. Found I wasn’t serving files correctly. Thanks.