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Rotate or reorder pie chart

I am new to html and javascript so please forgive me is this is an obvious one.
I am producing some pie charts in a frame with limited space. I can resize the chart quite easily, but some of the charts have a number of very small segments so the labels tend to disappear off the top. Making the chart small enough to fit makes it too small to see properly. What I would like to do is rotate the chart by about 45 degrees so that the small segments aren’t at the top or alternatively change the order in which they are drawn so that the small segments are in a different position. Is this possible. I have searched but not yet found a solution.

Try using

That looks like just what I need, but is there an example of where and how you place this in the code? I have tried a couple of options, but the pie does not move.


Perfect. Thank you so much :slight_smile: