Rotate the whole linechart

Is it possible to rotate the whole linechart ?
I did not find any properties in the layout allowing it but I still tried to use the rotation property.
I saw that this property exists for the pie chart, is there a way to do so with a linechart ?

Here is my jsfiddle :

The easiest way to do this at the moment would be to use a CSS transform - see example:

Thank you, I have to think out of the box, I have only searched for plotly documentation. Anyway it works with CSS.

@etienne, this post is from 2016, so my question is: is there better support for rotating charts in plotlyjs? I tried the CSS rotate transform method, it looks good until you try to zoom in or interact w/ the chart

Is there a way we include orientation also with default pan and zoom option in 2D plots in plotly? What is the best way to do it for having a user interaction for setting orientation than doing it statically with CSS?