Rose chart - how to define area

I am making plots in JS using plotly. Currently, I am trying to make a rose chart, quite similar to what is shown in this example:

In the example, the defined areas are from the origin and out to a given radius. Is there a way I can choose where the area start arbitrarily? For example, I would like a box that is defined by an area from 20 to 40 % between North and East in the rose chart shown in the link.

What I would like to do is to discretize the polar chart into many boxes, so that I can assign a value (corresponding to a color scale) to every box. Is this possible?

Thanks. Let me know if you need any other information.

Not at the moment unfortunately. Our polar charts are very under-developed. We are hoping to rewrite our polar API complete before years end. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Ok, I understand. I tried to discretize in another way, but it seems to be a problem. This is the code I have used:

for(i=a;i>=1;i--) {

for(j=b;j>=1;j–) {
txt = my_sprintf(‘rgb(%d,%d,%d)’,10*(i+j),2*(i+j),1*(i+j));
r: [displayMaxOff*(i/a)],
t: [360*(j/b)],
marker: {color: txt},
type: ‘area’,

So what I am doing is to color the circle with maximum radius, then I use a new color for a smaller part of that circle (same radius) until I have different colors for all the “angle sectors” for the largest circle. Then I move to an inner circle and do the same. This is the result:

So as you can see, I am able to discretize all angle sectors apart from a 90 degrees sector. This 90 degrees sector will not be discretized further, regardless of the number of sectors I choose to discretize. Is this a bug?


@ etienne, please see above.


That indeed looks like another polar bug.

Thanks for reporting.