Circular Barchart

Hi all,

I have found this cool visualization and want to create something similar for my university project. However I did not find such a visualization made in plotly for python. Do you know if this is even possible and if so is there any instructions/examples I can follow because Iā€™m a really starter with all the visualization and programming.

Hi @LeaB,

You can create such a plot with Plotly Barpolar:

Here you can read the definition of this Plotly trace.

The above example uses the definition, which behind the scene defines an instance of go.Barpolar.
To understand this figure structure, generated by px.bar_polar, just print(

Here you can see what attributes for go.Barpolar are passed via px.bar_polar.

Hi @empet,
thank you very much! Thats exactly what I was looking for. I will try to create such a chart with my data.