Retrieving value from scatter plot line

Hi! If i make a scatter plot with a line, is there a way for me to continue this line for n amount of time ( since my x axis is ‘Date’ ) and get the values from this line, that is after all data is plotted.

Don’t know how to phrase this so ask if something was unclear. Thanks in advance!

For this I think it is easier if you use dash live update because plotly by itself does not support continuous plotting.

If you have a Figure object (returned when you call px.scatter() or go.Figure(), you can access the 'data` property to get all the traces in your plot. Each of these traces represent a line.

import as px

df = {
    "x": [1,2,3],
    "y": [7,8,9],

fig = px.scatter(df, x="x", y="y")
data =
print(len(data))  # should print 1 because we only have one trace/line

# (1 2 3)

# (7 8 9)