Resource allocation for a Dash application

Hi all. I have been using Plotly Dash since one year and have made several Dash applications. Currently, I am building a Dash application, which will be used by a tenant, which might have lots of data on daily basis (Retail data). There are some challenges which needs to be tackled, but right now, I want to have a rough estimate that if I want to deploy the app on a cloud, how much resources should I relocate to it, so that it can perform optimally?

I have gone through the resource allocation page of Dash Enterprise, but I am talking about the open source Plotly Dash application. I will be grateful for any kind of response. Thanks.

hi @usmanafridi
Welcome to the Dash community. That’s a very good question. You might find an answer to your question in today’s webinar.

Also, the section on Profiling your Dash App in our last Dash Club newsletter might give you some more guidance.