Refrence documentation as plain HTML/Markdown files?

The Dash reference documentation is pretty slow to navigate. Standalone files would be sooo much easier!

Is there a way to download the reference documentation as HTML/Markdown files?

ps: I have just requested to add the Dash/Plotly reference to the Dash DocSets (The 2nd Dash stands here for the Document viewer!!!), but of course this only will happen, if the documentation is available in static HTML or markdown format…


Any news on this one?

Would be great to have the documentation offline such that people without good internet access (or travelling) could easily use Dash docs. I tried making a mirror of Dash docs, but to no avail due to JS content. Any recommendations?

We have a PDF version of the docs here:

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The team does a pretty phenomenal job with docstrings. If you use ipython or jupytere notebook, you can just add a question mark (?) at the end of term to get its docstring. Without those two, you can still do this with help(python_object). This is much faster then the reference pages and works offline.

Just a few helpful examples of how I use this:

Getting layout properties

In [1]: import plotly.graph_objs as go                                          

In [2]: go.Layout.legend?

Getting trace specific (i.e data) properties

In [3]: go.Bar.textposition?  

Getting available properties for dash core components

In [4]: import dash_core_components as dcc                                      

In [5]: dcc.Graph? 
In [6]: dcc.Tab?    

That’s fantastic! For everyday look-ups of the API a standalone (HTML/Markdown or a least PDF) version of the plotly API would be great too.

But I can see this is here in the Dash forum a bit off-topic…

And I certainly appreciate that! However, what I am looking for is a reference manual that presents a full overview of the available functionality rather than docs for a particular object. I’d like to use dash (plotly docs download just fine!) on an airplane or in remote places where internet access is very limited at best. In these places lynx could be your favourite internet browser :).

@chriddyp Thanks for sharing the docs! Any chance for you guys to regenerate the docs with latest-greatest API changes? I know it’s hardly high prio item, but if you could just consider it in future…