Range Slider and Selector in plotly.js without fixed y-axis?

Is it possible to have a Range Slider and Selector in plotly.js, without setting y-axis to fixedrange: true? I already tried leaving it out and fixedrange: false, but nothing had an effect on the graph behaviour…
Thanks in advance to all.

P.s. I followed this guide in order to create the range slider.

Range sliders force yaxis.fixedrange: true when visible.

So, that’s correct, setting yaxis.fixedrange: false is ignored at the moment.

Meanwhile, range selectors are only available for x axes of type: date.

So there is no workaround or something??
I would really need to set it to “fixedrange: false”…:disappointed:

Not at the moment, unfortunately.

Hi @etienne and @NearCZ,

So, to make sure I understand, there is no way to “autoscale” or even manually “rescale” the yaxis for the range slider? If so, is there any indication to bring in this feature soon?

This is quite critical, and to explain why I would like to give you our application using plotly. We are designing a dashboard for the mining industry which can be used to monitor and optimise machine and sensor performance. One of the crucial plots we show on different pages of the dashboard application, is a “Plant Data” time series plot. This plot aims to give the user the ability to see the trend of different plots. See the attached image:

Now, I assume what happens as in the attached image, is that the rangeslider yaxis range is fixed to the yaxis that does not have a “free” anchor setting, and is fixed to the origin of the xaxis. If the plots being compared have a similar y axis scale, it sort of shows the trend plots in the range slider. BUT, if different plots with different y axis scales are used (hence why we forced multiple y-axes) the range slider is unable to show the data.

This is quite a “downside” for using plotly at the moment, and we wouldn’t like it to be a show stopper for using plotly in our dashboards…

I totally agree with you… The lack of this feature forced me to remove the rangeslider, which is quite a pity because I would have liked to implement it in my application. I hope plotly will add this in the near future…

I believe your problem is a side-effect of https://github.com/plotly/plotly.js/issues/686 which should be fixed in the next two weeks or so.

I’d recommend subscribing to https://github.com/plotly/plotly.js/issues/686 for the latest development info.

Thank you. I’ll be keeping close watch.

I would also like to have vertical zoom (zoom on y axis) and also the use of a rangeslider for charts. Are there any new informations to that?

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"plotly.exceptions.PlotlyDictKeyError: ‘rangeslider’ is not allowed in ‘yaxis’"
Missing range slider for yaxis is it d3.js limitation or plotly?

plotly rangesliders are only available for x-axes at the moment.