Plotly's rangeslider(not dash's rangeslider) is uncomfortable

echarts, tradingview and etc, they provide much more useful, convinent and clean rangeslider.
is it possible to plotly too? or are they working on it?

if there’s solution, let me know. thanks.

Hi @yosori welcome to the forum. Could you please be more specific about what you like in the echartsjs slider, and what you don’t like in the plotly one?

Not only candlestick, Plotly figures have rangeslider as xaxis’s child. line, scatter, etc.

Problem is plotly doesn’t adjust yaxis’s range. when i zoom or pan with rangeslider.

It’s important. when i zoom with fixed yaxis range (not box zoom).

echarts and tradingview’s candlestick chart could be an example. panning chart, yaxis is being adjusted automatically.

I solved it temporary. Dash ‘relayout’ callback and adjust yaxis range.

ohlcfig= go.Figure({
    'data': [{
        'type': 'ohlc',
        'x': dfmin.index,
        'open': dfmin['open'],
        'high': dfmin['high'],
        'low': dfmin['low'],
        'close': dfmin['close'],
        'xaxis': 'x',
        'yaxis': 'y'
        'height': 1000,
        'xaxis': {
            'type': 'category',
            'rangeslider': {
                'yaxis': {
                    'rangemode': 'auto'


    Output('stock-chart', 'figure'),
    [Input('stock-chart', 'relayoutData')])
def display_relayout_data(relayoutData):
    global ohlcfig
    start = end = 0
    if not relayoutData:
        raise PreventUpdate

    if relayoutData.get('xaxis.autorange', False):        
        ohlcfig.update_layout(xaxis_autorange=True, yaxis_autorange=True)
    elif relayoutData.get('xaxis.range[0]', False):
        start = relayoutData['xaxis.range[0]']
        end = relayoutData['xaxis.range[1]']
        sidx = int(start)
        eidx = int(end)

        ymax = dfmin['high'].iloc[sidx:eidx].max() + 1000
        ymin = dfmin['low'].iloc[sidx:eidx].min() - 1000

        ohlcfig.update_layout(xaxis_autorange=False, yaxis_autorange=False, 
                                        xaxis_range=[start, end], yaxis_range=[ymin, ymax])

        raise PreventUpdate    

    return ohlcfig

but, still has some problems. First, explain with this image. panning area and zooming area in the minimap(rangeslider).

Last, it doesn’t override rangeslider zoom/pan behavier, it just overwrite after rangeslider zoom/pan finished.

echart provides ‘dataZoom’ option.

dataZoom: [
            type: 'inside',
            start: 50,
            end: 100
            show: true,
            type: 'slider',
            top: '90%',
            start: 50,
            end: 100

I’ve read all related threads in this community ‘rangeslider autoscale yaxis’. nobody suggest helpful solution. so I hope plotly developer can solve this.