Range slider and fixed yaxis range

I’ve a problem that i cannot solve.
When i set up a range slider with restyle, i want that yaxis range remains fixed to ease comparison when slider value is change. I put below the pieces of code that manage this:

        method: 'restyle',
        label: traces[0].y[i],
        args: [{'mode': 'markers+lines',
        'x': [y_UD,y_DU],
        'y': [x_UD,x_DU],
        'marker': {
          'size': 10},
      'type': 'scatter'},
      { yaxis: {
        title: {
          text: 'test',
        fixedrange: false,

Anyway, this piece of code does not resolve the problem and yaxis adapts with respect to showed data. How can i solve this?