R iGraph tutorial incorrect and producing wrong results

Hey all, I’ve spent a while trying to make the iGraph + Plotly tutorial here work with my data, and I’ve finally realized that the tutorial is producing wrong results.

Attached is a screenshot produced with the unaltered karate network and tkplot(karate, vertex.label.color="white", layout=layout.circle). Compare it to the graph at the bottom of the tutorial and you can see that several nodes that are connected in the tkplot are not connected in the tutorial plot. For example nodes 27-33 and node A all have at least one connection in tkplot, but 0 in the tutorial.

Can anyone advise on how to get iGraph working in plotly? I’m very excited about plotly’s capabilities and really want to get this working

made an issue to update plotly doc https://github.com/plotly/documentation/issues/801