Marker symbols not working

Greetings all,

I have recently started using plotly to be able to create a few 3d scatter diagrams with multiple data. The data categories are so many that the use of different types of symbols (squares, triangles etc) is essential.
My problem is that even though I manually choose the shapes of markers some of them do not appear. For example square markers work just fine and appear on my plot but when I am using triangles, or asterisks nothing changes. I am providing my code below. I am loading data from an excel so you won’t be able to reproduce the diagram.

df <- read_excel("RStudio_dat.xlsx", 
                 sheet = "Comparison")
fig <- plot_ly(df, x = ~x, y = ~y, z = ~z, color = ~Setting, size = 1, colors = c("Continental" = "#FFABC1", "Oceanic" = "#FED659", "Orogenic" = "#27B9EA"), symbol = ~Setting, symbols = c("Continental" = "circle", "Oceanic" = "square", "Orogenic" = "triangle-up"))
fig <- fig %>% add_markers() 
saveWidget(fig, "3d.html")

How could I solve this problem? Thanks in advance!

@dimmoutz I am having the same exact issue. I was curious if you are using the most updated version of R? I am using 4.1.2 and thought maybe that was why … >= 4.1.3 might be better? (unfortunately I am unable to update my version at the moment so can’t test it myself to see).

Thank you very much for your anwer! Yes updaiting the program seemed to have worked fine!