Plotly graph Marker Symbols

I am creating some ploty figure from matlab. In the 3d plot below you can see that there is a line plot with some points on it. I am trying to change the symbols on the line from a dot to a star-dot.
I tried doing{1}.marker.symbol = ‘star-dot’ ,but it didnt seem to change anything. Is this the correct syntax or am I doing something else. It didnt throw any errors, but nothing changed

As always, thanks for the help.

3D scatter trace don’t support all the marker symbols available in 2D.

Here’s the list:

Ahh ok i must have missed that when i was looking. Thanks!

Also do you know a way to have the plot be zoomed all the way out when you first open it?
I have another plot where i set the z-axis range to the maximum it needs but it is cut off because it is zoomed in.(first picture)
the second picture is how i want it. Thanks Again!

You might want to look at

That tutorial was made in python though, let us know if you need more assistance.

Will do. Thanks again!

I am trying to plot 3d scatterplots in R and I am not able to use different symbols. Ideally I would like to use a combination of different colors and symbols.