Is there a way for the marker symbols to NOT rotate in scatter3D plot?

Background: I need to plot data points on a 3D plot with ‘x’ to be used as a marker symbol. Also, I need to show that those points lie on the same plane and for that I am using the parameter ‘surfaceaxis’ to highlight the plane.

Problem: When the user rotates the plot, the symbol (‘x’) rotates with the user, instead of just staying put in the same plane.

Description: I am trying to plot symbol ‘x’ on a particular y-z plane and I would want the ‘x’ to remain in its position while I rotate the plot. I was able to achieve the result for some data points by actually drawing 2 lines, at an angle like a cross, in order to look like an ‘x’. This means I was plotting 2 lines to represent each of my marker symbols.

But when my data points increased, it was taking too much time in plotting the scatter 3D plot. So, feel free to suggest me a workaround.

Not at the moment, unfortunately.