QQ plot of statsmodel in plotly

Hi friends
I am working on ploting a QQ plot from statsmodel library of python in plotly. the function statsmodel.qqplot() gives a figure type. I am wondering if there is a way to plot this type in plotly window?


I guess you could just compute the quantiles by yourself with numpy for both distributions and plot a scatter plot.
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There is also scipy.stats.probplot

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Hi @Emmanuelle ,

scipy.stats.probplot takes a plot input which -according to scipy documentation- is an object that has to have methods plot and text. They mentioned that the matplotlib.pyplot module can be used. So is there an equivelant module in Plotly that we can pass to autmatically generate the plot instead of using the output arrays of the scipy.stats.probplot function to manually construct the Q-Q plot?


No, there is no equivalent module in Plotly to automatically generate a Q-Q plot.
The solution is indeed to use a stats module to get the data.
See these examples: