Create_distplot Issue with scipy Package

Hello All,

For my project, i need to generate a distribution chart with a gaussian distribution. To do this i use:

plotly version is 5.7.0
scipy version is 1.7.3

When i execute my code in my virtual env, no issue the Chart is generated. but when i create an executable with (pyinstaller), i have this error message when the method “create_displot” is called:

import plotly.figure_factory as stat
gauss = stat.create_distplot([x_data_new], [serie_name], bin_size=.5, curve_type=‘normal’, show_hist=False, show_rug=False)

File “plotly\”, line 215, in create_distplot
File “plotly\”, line 398, in make_normal
AttributeError: module ‘scipy.stats’ has no attribute ‘norm’

Thank’s in advance for your support! :slight_smile: