Publish charts through chart studio/ Client Error: Unauthorized No such user

Hi guys, I’ve been trying to publish my charts through the chart studio. I got my username and api_key from the online settings of my personal free chart studio account. Then following the guidance, I set the environment variables in my R terminal. But it keeps showing the error below:

And in my terminal, I SET the environment variables as follows:

What could be wrong when I go through all these steps ?
Is there anyway to figure this out >
Asking for help !!!

I did not know the existence of Chart Studio until I read your question a minute ago and what follows may not be an answer to your question… However, if you desperately need to publish your chart(s) online and be able to share them with a link, you may want to consider publishing them on You can publish all your HTML based R markdown file on there.

Thank you, i have figured it out !
here is the youtube video where I FOUND the answer, share it to you.

Make Interactive Graphs in R: Creating & Embedding Interactive Graphs with plotly

Great! Glad you could find an answer.

I appreciate your quick response to my email! Plotly is beautiful.

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