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How do I publish r notebook with plotly graph into rpubs

If this may seem like a basic question, it’s because I’m a beginner. So here we go.

When I make a graphic presentation in RStudio in rnotebook format with ggplot, when it’s done I just knit, preview and hit publish to rpubs, no problem. However, if I use plotly graph, all looking good, except every time I publish it went: “Upload error occurred”.

I’ve done everything in the Getting Started with Plotly for R suggested. It can only take me to publish a single plot to my plotly page. How do I publish the whole knitted HTML to the web such as rpubs?

This seems like a basic thing that I might miss something, however, I’ve been stuck for 4 days, even in stack overflow nobody answer. A hint or two would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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