Not able to publish my Plotly code on

Hi All,
As the part of coursera course, I have created a shiny app which is finally rendering plolty graph and want to publish on but its giving error

Warning: Error in plotlyOutput: could not find function "plotlyOutput"
Stack trace (innermost first):
    53: tag
    52: tags$div
    51: div
    50: mainPanel
    49: sidebarLayout
    48: tag
    47: tags$div
    46: div
    45: tagList
    44: attachDependencies
    43: bootstrapPage
    42: fluidPage
    41: shinyUI
     1: runApp
Error : could not find function "plotlyOutput"

Can someone please help me in this regard, also let me know if I can use plotly here or I need to switch to ggplot.


Hi! Please, see my answer at