Project assignment: USA Agricultural Exports

Hi all,

Thanks Adam for the great course. I loved the push to explore advanced Plotly figure APIs. I believe I made good use of that in my project assignment :slight_smile:

I chose 2011_us_ag_exports.csv dataset. Mostly because I wanted to learn how to make choropleths.

From the app you can get a on overview of different export categories on a map. The states can be selected to see a breakdown of all their exports as a donut chart. Multiple states can be selected so the exports of two states can be compared side by side. Hovering over a sector of donut chart highlights corresponding sector in other active donut charts for easy per-category comparison.

You can preview the app here:

Here’s the code: GitHub - yeban/usa-agricultural-exports: An example Dash app to explore USA agricultural exports from the year 2011

Attaching a screenshot below.

Thanks to all participants of the course. I learnt a great deal from all the interactions.

that’s one hec of an app, @priyam. Thanks for sharing the open source code as well. You did a good job working with Dash Bootstrap components.

Will you be available to attend the last session this Thursday? Would you like to present your app?

Thanks, Adam. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend Thursday’s session.