Problems with plotly_IMAGE [Internal Server Error (HTTP 500).Internal Server Error (HTTP 500)]

I am saving several graphs that I have created with:

plotly_IMAGE(graph, format = “png”, out_file = filename)

Error in process.image(append_class(resp, “image”)) : Internal Server Error (HTTP 500).

I have provided user name and API KEY, so I don’t know where my problem is. Furthermore, this code worked but suddenly it stopped working.

Hi there,
It’s likely your API calls are being throttled. This page lists API call limitations (50/day for clientresp API calls and 250/day for v2 api calls community users).

250 per day means If I repeat the same operation in a day time or in a couple of days time, everything should be working. And it’s not. Every day I would have 250 calls(250 uses), wouldn’t I?

I bypassed the problem using another package. It has less quality but works fine in the loop.

Thanks Chelsea

Just installed plotly package for R and trying to execute this simple code:

Sys.setenv("plotly_username" = "xxx_my_username_here_xxx")
Sys.setenv("plotly_api_key" = "xxx_my_key_here_xxx")

data <- data.frame(x = c(1:100), random_y = rnorm(100, mean = 0))

p <- plot_ly(data, x = ~x, y = ~random_y, type = 'scatter', mode = 'lines')

plotly_IMAGE(p, width = 600, height = 480, format = "png", scale = 1, "myplot2.png")

I’ve tried this one for some times only, not 50 or 250 times!

But I have HTTP 500 error whatever :confused:

Error in process.image(append_class(resp, "image")) :
  Internal Server Error (HTTP 500).

Please help

I used other package because I couldn’t solve with plotly. It’s fine for statics graphs but for dynamics it’s better plotly, but I needed statatics por pdf document

It is broken since upgraded to 4.5.2 from 3.6.1.

My code can run on 3.6.1 but not on 4.5.2.

Error in process.image(append_class(resp, “image”)) :
Internal Server Error (HTTP 500).

The exporting issue is resolved in the latest development version: