plotly_IMAGE server error 500

I recently updated R, Rstudio and many packages including Plotly and something seems to have broken. When I try to export previously working images I’m getting this error:

Error in process.image(append_class(resp, "image")) : Internal Server Error (HTTP 500).

The code I’m trying to export with is the following:
plotly_IMAGE(p, width = 1600, height = 1400, format = "png", username="joehealey", key="xxxxxxxxx", scale = 1, out_file = "~/Desktop/output.png")

Hey @joehealey,

it appears this is currently an open issue at ropensci/plotly


Hi, the issue on GitHub was closed recently via a new commit. I’ve tried reinstalling the package in R/Rstudio, but that hasn’t altered anything. What do I need to do to get the package working in Rstudio again?

Unfortunately, we cannot release on CRAN frequently. To get the latest updates you can install the latest dev version by: devtools::install_github("ropensci/plotly")
More info here: