Problem viewing App in IE

I have an app deployed on Google App Engine, which works fine in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, but in Internet Explorer it is stuck on loading…
The IE console says the error is ‘expected identifier’ and refers to the plotly.js and dash-renderer.js.

Any ideas what this might be and how it could be fixed? I’ve been through all the forum posts on peoples issues with IE, but none have helped me.



Answering my own question…
I just got it to work using the following pre-releases:




having the same issues, is it confirmed to be a common bug?

It seems to be. Did you try changing your requirements.txt to the pre-releases I used?

What is that version for ?

We had updated our webpack configs for dash-renderer some versions ago, we missed a few polyfill that made dash runs on ie. The latest version has the polyfill back.,

Could you please try with the latest versions in our installation instructions? Part 1. Installation | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly

I am following the installation instructions but I cant make it work.
the browse keeps showing “Waiting for…”

Can someone help?