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Syntax error in IE11 prevents app from loading

Not sure if I should put this in an issue tracker as it is related to two different libraries.

I get three errors. They are:

SCRIPT1002: Syntax error
dash_core_components.v1_5_0m1576274503.min.js (6,44963)
SCRIPT1002: Syntax error
dash_renderer.v1_2_0m1576274503.min.js (20,60216)
SCRIPT5009: 'DashRenderer' is undefined
pay-rate-rangefinder-demo.herokuapp.com (32,71)

My dash relevant packages are:


Just as a helpful follow up, I clicked on the first error and was able to see that the issue was occurring in async:


I can try downgrading and seeing if this removes the issue. Will update soon.

I realized that I didn’t have the latest dash release which has fixed these issues. Installed the v1.7.0 release and it is working now!

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