Problem in printing web page with Plotly.js charts

Hi All,

I am using Plotly.js to display 2 charts per item (bar and scatter) in html “unordered list”, precisely the list is build with SAP UI5 where each “list item” contains the 2 charts. Later the report needs to be printed/saved as pdf from the chrome/edge browser. While printing each item needs to have page break. All this was set correct from css and worked fine until chrome updated to version 116. Tested with 117 and 118 but the printout doesn’t work as expected. The page break is not recognized, and the next item always prints on 2 pages as duplicated. If I run the print from [ dev tools - rendering - emulate CSS media type ] the layout looks fine but when run the real printing it gets misaligned.
I am using fixed version of Plotly.js 2.24.1. Also I tried to disable the Plotly chart and I see that in that case the page break is recognized and the rest of the elements are aligned well in the print.

Considering that the issue is somehow related to the Plotly elements and we don’t know if and when Chrome will make any change in some of the next versions, I am asking if anyone faced similar issue or have idea for a potential solution?